Birmingham Zine Fest

This was such a good day! I arrived into Birmingham, just about knowing where the Custard Factory is and a bunch of hastily written gmap instructions for Southside. I headed to the main zine fair first, at Sidewalk bar. on the way down Hurst St there were lamp post signs by Jeremyville letting me know I was in the right area. Eyecandy fest was on at the same time, I’d have loved to have seen more of this drawing and illustration festival, its always fun to have loads of shared events in a city at the same time.
Walking in I got a goodiebag filled with treats, stickers, badges and flyers for the events. The fair had 2 community stalls which was great for folk like us, who couldn’t stretch to a stall of our own, but still had some bits to sell. The organisers were so friendly and happy to take random zines, forms filled I headed round the fair.
The fair concentrated on illustrated zine stalls with larger prints, badges, cards and some jewellery, with the emphasis on the amazing quality of artwork.
Footprinters were there running Zine in a Day, so I took the opportunity to tell them how much in love with them the Zine is. A bit of mutual rubarb rubbing later they took me round the riso machine and we chatted about the upcoming Leeds Zine Fair.
At two I headed over to Get a Grip at the Custard Factory for the screen printing. Like most of the participants I’ve never screen printed before, so Sam and Pat took us through the basics, letting us print away on scrap t’s. It was loads of fun and I’m very proud of my new totally unique hand printed t!
I headed back to watch the Jeffrey Lewis doc in Sidewalk and do a stint on the community stall.
When I got back I discovered I’d sold 3 zines, so that made me even happier!
BZF was awesome. It was a shame the events wern’t closer together, for a tourist like me who isn’t sure where they’re going, I know I missed loads of great talks and discussions. But that’s a minor one and in reality I needed to get to Brum a bit earlier and team more in! It was so well organised, professional and with more events last night and today I’m sorry I’m missing all the party. Definitely heading down to the Walsall event and can’t wait for next year.


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