*C*ty Z*ne*

Derby’s zine promoting free speech and democracy since 2008.

*C*ty Z*ne* is a Derby based, open collective committed to provding a platform for anyone who wants to use it.

The ‘Zine is completely unedited and uncensored. We publish articles, poetry, stories, jokes, illustrations, photographs, reviews in fact we’ll publish anything…

If you’d like to see your work in print send your article in the main body of an email, as a text attachment, completed pdf or jpg. Please bear in mind that the risograph copy is basic b/w. Gaphic images work best, full technicolour delicate watercolours wont translate to the print proces, but if you’re happy we’re happy!

Each ‘Zine has 1000 copies printed as a black and white risograph and distributed for free, mainly in Derby, but if you’d like us to send you a copy drop us a line and we’ll drop one in the post.

It’s paid for by donations, fundraisers and hands in pockets. If you’d like to contribute please feel free! Email us for details.

Each issue is published by Footprinters, a Leeds based printing co op who are the most tolerent, patient, wonderful group of people we’ve ever encountered. Without them the Zine would not exist in it’s current state. If you want anything printing they’re the gang for the job.

*Why do we write *C*ty Z*ne* in such a peculiar way on the internet? Well if we don’t we’ll get sued by a petty Belgian and thats the last we’ll say on the matter (unless you want the emails which are pretty funny).


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