City-Zine Interviews

City-Zine wants to interview YOU!!

All of us have thoughts, feelings, insights, experiences, skills and ideas that are worth sharing. The aim of the City-Zine interviews is to celebrate those things that we care to share with each other. We’re not looking to specifically interview celebrities, experts, artists or any other group of people more than anyone else. We see people as equals and believe that when we share the things we find interesting, important, insightful, inspiring, etc, all of us can become empowered.

This is how it works:

1. Click on the link below and download the City-Zine Interview.

City-Zine Interview

2. Read the instructions, complete the interview and email it over to with any images, links, etc, that you want included and we then upload it to this website before promoting it around facebook, twitter and the like.

3. Select up to 75 words from your interview for us to include in 1000 copies end of year City-Zine Interviews special that we shall be launching at an end of year event to promote the full online interviews. Everyone involved in the interviews shall be invited to help plan, organise and contribute whatever they want to that event.

Please get involved and help us spread the words.


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