Clare Brooksbank Interview June 2013

As children do the question we should always ask is ‘why?’

I would like to see more exciting and different art events and opportunities for artists to express themselves freely in Derby.

The epitome of beauty to me is mystery.

The difference between spirituality and religion is that spirituality frees the spirit but religion traps it within the confines of dogma.

The thing I am always grateful for in my life is my health.

I would like to see more people caring about what they have rather than fretting about what they haven’t got.

Love is what makes you a good parent.

If I could send a letter back to my 16 year old self I would tell myself that I was right to be adventurous and free spirited because life is short and should be fully lived before it’s too late.

My most exciting events for this year are teaching yoga in S. Spain, exhibiting my artwork at Bankside Gallery in London and being involved for the second time running in the Derby Haunted House Project’s art event ‘I Thought I Saw Something’.

I teach yoga in Derby-

I am also an artist-


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