Floyd Parker Interview June 2013




If you were 80 years old sending a letter back in time to your present self what would you say?

The lottery results for next week are …………. 8, 18, 22, 43, 44, and 46! 😉 Enjoy! X

How do you think the education system could be improved?

I’m not sure really, although I will say this… Everything I know now (more or less) that I make use of in life has been acquired since I left school. Life lessons that I have chosen for myself. I found that there is no relevance in the education system. Too many times I have thought ‘If I had learnt that at school it would have made things much easier!’ I think a good education system should leave you knowing exactly what you’re going to do next. I didn’t get that, at all.

What is the meaning of life to you?

I think that you have to find something you love to do and do it until you don’t want to do it anymore; repeat that process for the rest of your life. Do what makes you happy!

If you could go back in time is there anything you would do differently?

Well if that were possible I would be very curious to see how things would be if I did everything differently. Out of pure curiosity though, nothing more.

What talents, skills, knowledge or experience do you have that could help others?

Well I’m quite a good problem solver and teacher (sometimes). I’ve experienced homelessness a lot in the past, so I guess I could help or advise people who are currently going through it.

What are the most important ideas, projects, events or activities that you feel passionate about?

Art, music, film making, circus… Anything that brings out creativity in people is the most important thing. I can never imagine bad things resulting from it.

What events, activities, projects, organisations, etc, would you like to see more of where you live?

Yes! I would love to see more actin. I know we have the theatre. But I wish there was more than that. Why are there no street actors, buskers reciting Shakespeare or something equally amazing? Another theatre perhaps, more workshops for people liking the idea of giving acting a try. It’s something I’ve always been into but it has a very small home here and I wouldn’t know where to start looking.

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One response to “Floyd Parker Interview June 2013

  1. YES! Great interview. I’d love to see more acting opportunities and more creative speaking in public spaces too. More accessible art of all kinds is just so *needed* here.

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