Marcus Jones Interview June 2013

blakeWhat do you think are the most important questions we should be asking each other?

– I think all questions are important, in my previous job my manager said to me the only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask. And therefore I think it is important to just ask each other questions, keep the spirit of communication alive, if people were nations then the moment we boycott each other is the prelude to war – likewise the moment we stop communicating, stop asking questions, is the moment we begin to hate and we develop cataracts over our spiritual connectedness.

What events, activities, projects, organisations, etc, would you like to see more of where you live?

– I would love to see City Zine all over the UK, I myself once dreamt of educating unemployed people in World Humanities, much like the Youth Community courses already run by government.  But this would be more around a garnering of awareness of others, from counselling skills, history, geography and psychology, I believe that the people most vexed and tested by life have the most potential to reach out and help others but because they haven’t been given the right tools their frustrations often turn to animosity.  And while it is a reasonable short-term game to keep us all down and divided, it is much better for a sustainable and long term future that we work together, globally and co-operatively.

What projects, organisations or activities are you involved with that you would like to promote?

– I am involved in a couple of things, mostly political.  I am a firm believer in the Free World Charter and although it is a radical idea it promotes the concept that everything should be free.  Now when you look at the fact that all money is merely an IOU or a ‘promise to pay the bearer’ it would make sense that if you remove this debt, then you remove slavery. Another thing I am involved in is Avaaz, I have been with them since the very beginning, when they only had a few thousand members.  I am also an Administrator of the facebook group Demarchy in the UK – which is trying to promote a more anarchistic government, led by people rather than elected representatives, government officials only really care about our opinion once every 4 years – however, once they are in power they do whatever they like, and unlike a tradesperson or medical professional, when a politician lies it is expected, but in any other profession they would be disciplined – by bringing this responsibility home to real individuals not only to you reduce corporate influence in government but you provide a true democracy.

What is the epitome of beauty to you?

– Intelligence, poetry and curves.

If you had one year to live how would you spend your time?

– I wouldn’t change a thing, I always believe that we are capable of dying before our physical self dies if we ever give up what we believe in. I also believe in duty and being there for others, and it is not our place to guess where our future will take us, so I would not attempt to change course for fear of death. If in doubt, check out ‘appointment at Samara’.

Got any good jokes you want to share with us?

– What does a clock do when it is hungry? – Go back four seconds!


What is the meaning of life to you?

– We are here to experience life and our spirit essence feeds off this, however in the material realm of our worldly bodies, each of us are here to leave behind a legacy, whether that is the power of words, poetry, a child, a saved life.
What do you think the world would be like if there was no religion?

– The world would be a lot, lot better without Religion.  But I do believe it serves a valuable purpose.  It isn’t Religion that is at fault but the capacity of a human mind to twist a good concept into something negative – like communism, fine in theory, poor in practice.


What are the most important social issues that you care about?

– Poverty, Human Rights and the basic fact that no human being should be illegal. Biologically human beings are a nomadic species, we become under-stimulated in over familiar surroundings, we used to move the herds around the plains and settle where the ground was good before moving on again – how else did we manage to encompass the world. Limiting the movement of desperate humans, and hating those people for trying to make their life better is something that is deeply important to me even though I myself have never travelled abroad.


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