Matty Canner Interview June 2013

2012-12-13 18.18.09What do you think are the most important questions we should be asking each other?
How do we find harmony with each other? If we want to survive as a species what steps are we all willing to take to make this a better place to live

What is the epitome of beauty to you?

To me there are two different beauties, there is the beauty you find in nature, sunsets & sunrises, the pictures that the Hubble Telescope can take and then there is the beauty held within a person when you can look at them and think to yourself “they are the most beautiful person in the world” and it isn’t the outer shell, it’s what they hold inside.

If you had one year to live how would you spend your time?
I would spend time travelling the world and trying to create good memories with my friends.
What is the meaning of life to you?
For me it is to love life, be there if you can be for the ones you love, and not dwell on the “what ifs”

What do you think the world would be like if there was no reiligion?
My hope is that it would be a happier, less confrontational place, where people don’t get attacked for the religious beliefs, and where politics are not fashioned because of their personal beliefs. However, the cynical side of me tells me is that we would find another reason to hate.

What are the most important social issues that you care about?
The environment, a fair economy so that see an end to the widening gap between the wealthy and the rest, sexism.

If you could control all of the media for one day what would be reported and why?
I would give people a day off from all of it as all news comes from a point of view and unfortunately people become so entrenched in their beliefs that they still wouldn’t believe you.

What do you feel most grateful for in your life?
That some people have stood by me, that I have a job and despite everything I am still here.

How do you feel about the current government and why?

The current government is acting in its own interests and those of a select few, they are ripping the heart out of communities by cutting public services and then tendering it out to private companies. They are looking to privatise the NHS using flawed economic reasoning and failed studies about efficiency and this has been a long war by the Tory party against a great service.

If you could go back in time is their anything you would do differently? I have often thought about this, but  don’t think there is because one change would change anything and who is to say that changing that one thing would make the difference hoped for

Why do you think more and more people are started become critical of capitalism?
It has come more into the mainstream media, and it is becoming harder for people to defend it when some people have so much and others have nothing. That the wealthy continue to see their wealth increase whilst the rest are forced to make hard decisions, cut their budgets for heat and food.

What do you think are the best things about being alive?
Shared experiences, love, laughs

What are the most exciting things that you are looking forward to doing this year and why?
I’m just looking forward to another year of living and all that it can bring.

What do you enjoy learning about most?
Pretty much everything, I still have a strong love of learning and it was the best thing about school for me.

How do you think the education system could be improved?
An understanding that all children learn in different ways and also at different rates and there is so much change that happens in a child’s early life and this is often overlooked as we seemingly seek to standardize children and ignore the essentialness of imagination.

If you could send a letter back in time to your 16 year old self what would it say?
It gets better, seriously it will get better.

In order for you to achieve your dreams what habits would you need to cultivate?
To learn to apply myself.

If you looked into a crystal ball and saw yourself living your dream life what would you see?
Happiness, other than that I don’t think there is any set dream that I have.  Dreams that I have had have gone up in smoke so now I just carry on with life.
What inspires you the most and why?
Seeing how people who have less or have been through more and they still grab life by the horns. Those people who still have a love for life.

What’s your favourite form of entertainment and why?
Music, it can create moods and atmospheres, it can helps us connect with people, it has the ability to inspire others to action.  It can bring people from some many different walks of life together and for those moments you can be as one.  You can lose yourself in songs.

How could we survive without money?
We would go back to a barter system.  The world has done it before.

Beauty by Matty Canner

Transfixed me from the start

your exquisite beauty made its mark

a rapture I felt inside when I looked at you

and if I asked if I could lead would you follow?
Follow my feet as we danced amongst our stars

the stars from which we were forged before time
always behind the moon, ahead of the sun

so that our day never ends

we watched the birth of the planets

saw the death of stars and still we danced

moved by your eyes, soothed by your smile

uplifted by your laugh
and I knew I would stand by your side until
after the end of time.


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