Micky Sheehan Interview June 2013

1058393_10151722348594238_951183090_nWhat do you think are the most important questions we should be asking each other?

“Do you need any help with anything . . . . . “ Simply that.

What events, activities, projects, organisations, etc, would you like to see more of where you live?

There needs to be more focus and alerting of the means of self sufficiency.  Cooking, paper work, excercise, self teaching.  Lots of people of a certain age group that try to work for me have no skills like this..  It’s as though intuition and common sense has skipped a generation, ironically, my studies conclude it was at the point the internet boomed and everyone had windows 98 in a computer of some shape or form in their household.  So yeah, general living skills awareness etc

What projects, organisations or activities are you involved with that you would like to promote?

Currently I oversee 365 days of live music at my venue The Victoria Inn.  Sadly, I don’t get much time to myself to dedicate to other projects.  We do our upmost within the Vic to support local charitys and local bands and promoters who want to have a crack.

What is the epitome of beauty to you?

A person or being who is free.

If you had one year to live how would you spend your time?

Slaving away at the Vic paying taxes!!!!!

Seriously, I would make sure my will and inheritance to my Son is secure, then I would fill out my donor forms.  Then I would turn off the TV, burn my newspapers, throw my iphone in the Derwent and relax.  I’m not going to hell all worn out and cranky.

Got any good jokes you want to share with us?

The Coalition.

What is the meaning of life to you?

Sadly for me at the moment it means pressure, stress and no free time.  I have just completed year two since re-buying my old venue [The Vic] back, and I has taken me 18 months longer than I predicted to secure it financially, and for me mentally.

If and when I free myself, the meaning of “my” life will take a different course entirely.  Can’t really say at the moment, but I will be helping the disabled, dis-shevled and the lost . .

What do you think the world would be like if there was no reiligion?

My life contains non [directly] so I find it hard to predict or enthuse about.

What are the most important social issues that you care about?

Feeding people.  It mortifies me that we have food banks.  If everyone had access to 1 square meal and water a day the world would be a very different place.

What are the most important ideas, projects, events or activities that you feel passionate about?

I feel music should be used more to enhance charitable relief than it is.  Live Aid, may not be able to change the world [Even I had to laugh when I noticed they had identified the ACTUAL problem in the lyrics to the fucking song “where nothing ever grows, no rain or rivers flow” sang by 45 millionaires/cunts!!!!] but if it does anything it raises global awareness of situations.  Music is motivation.  Music spreads news

If you could control all of the media for one day what would be reported and why?

How young David did Doris’ shopping for her today as she is wheel chair bound.  How Graham pulled over in torrential rain to change the wheel of a stranded pregnant woman on the hard shoulder of the M6.  How Katie photocopied Dereks marriage announcement to his wife 75 years ago from the Derby Telegraph, framed it and put it on his fire place as a gift . . . . .

What do you love most about your life?

Stanley, my son

What have been your highlights of 2013 so far?

Finding out my stepdaughter is going to make me a granddad!!!  Seeing Derby’s LostAlone taking on the world.  Drumming again, for my new band The Third Round.  Launching my tshirt brand.

What do you feel most grateful for in your life?

My ability to have a 50/50 outlook on all conflicts.

If you could be paid to do anything in the world as a job what would it be?

Own The Victoria Inn [work that out ha ha]

What do you think is the difference between spirituality and religion?

Spirituality is something that happens to you.  Religion is either forced upon you or you decide to embrace it.  Spirituality is organic, there are no choices, it comes from within

What are your favourite things about where you live and why?

Mickleover is quiet and has Village Shops.  So it’s a million miles away from having 200db of punk rock thrown at you in the confides of The Vic.

When you think about the issues that concern you what would you like to see more people do?

Communicate in person.

How do you feel about the current government and why?

No comment.

What does it mean to be a good parent?

Affording as much time to your child as they ask for.  Always be there.  Drop everything.

If you could go back in time is their anything you would do differently?

Learn to spell.  My spelling is fucking diabolical

Why do you think more and more people are started become critical of capitalism?

Simply more people are aware of it.  And yes, it sucks.  But, I would like to advise people to concentrate on their own existence more than that of someone who really does not control, care or own their own.  Let them eat cake.  Fat fucks.

What do you think are the best things about being alive?

Experience.  Being given life, taking life and embracing life.  Learn everything before your 35 then enjoy the rest . .

What are the most exciting things that you are looking forward to doing this year and why?

Signing on!!!!!

What do you enjoy learning about most?

Politics and war.  Never really paid attention in my youth as I was to far gone on The Stone Roses and The Smiths to care.  Now days I pick up The New Statesman as opposed to the NME

How do you think the education system could be improved?

Less red tape.  Lets the kids fall off things and eat dirt . . . . .

What subjects, ideas or thinkers do you think are missing from the national curriculum?

The Highway Code, sex education, Business skills, cooking and politics

If you were 80 years old sending a letter back in time to your present self what would you say?

Drugs will go shit in 2004.  As will music.

If you could send a letter back in time to your 16 year old self what would it say?

“Invent the iphone” . . . . . . .

In order for you to achieve your dreams what habits would you need to cultivate?

Learning how to relax.  And sleep.  Regeneration of ones body and mind is the most powerful tool you can ever have

What inspires you the most and why?

Listening to people moaning about their jobs.  I am quite lucky, although I have had to break my fucking back to get here.

Who do you think are the most oppressed people in our society and what can you do to help?

The domios pizza box men at junctions around Derby.  How fucking low is that???  Don’t buy dominos I suppose is the answer.

What talents, skills, knowledge or experience do you have that could help others?

That will be revealed on my new path . . . It may shock a few people 😉

What’s your favourite form of entertainment and why?

DRUMMING!!!!  Smashing it for the love man!!!

Who is your favourite author, actor, musician, artist, poet, etc, and why?

Author is Alan Silletto.  Learnt how to reprogramme his mind after being hurt in the war and went on to write some astonishing literature

Actor is Oliver Read.  His portrayal of Urbain Grandier still leaves me gob smacked today.  And he’s a fellow “piss head”, so . . . . .

Musician is Jeff Wynne.  War of the Worlds, no explanation required

How could we survive without money?

Buy selling our “The Good life” box sets at cash generators . . . . . !

What projects or organisations exist in Derby that you would like to see more people support?

Padley.  Totally neglected.

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