Rich Hutchings Interview June 2013

Q) What are the most important questions we should be asking each other? 

A) Where did it all go wrong? Why & how did we become slaves to a tiny elite, slaves to consumerism and personal gain and what can be done to bring about change?

Q) What events, activities/organizations are you involved with that you would like to promote?
A) I am part of the UK Zapatista Network, highlighting injustices against indigenous peoples being held as political prisoners at the hands of the corrupt governments. I also have links with the ALF, Occupy and…other organisations.

Q) What is the epitome of beauty to you?
A) Being outside on a sunny day in the countryside or on a deserted beach.980640_162864540553128_871966135_o

Q) What are the most important social issues you care about?
A) Austerity. It’s misunderstood, uneccesary and deepy damaging – the most vunerable suffering while the rich get richer. The fact that 500,000+ people use food banks and yet the government uses taxpayers money (£175 BILLION) for ‘defence’ and nuclear weaponry.austerityposter

Q) What have been your highlights of 2013 so far?
A) Being offered a job at westminster as a research assistant. Becoming close to my parents after too many years wasted.

Q) How do you feel about the current government and why?
A) First of all, there is VERY LITTLE democracy in this country. Many MPs have links to or directorships with big businesses, and make the relevant decisions to further the profits of that compant, hence why the NHS is being systematically privatised and the same with the Royal Mail, and is the reason we start wars in far off countries. Somehow through complacency of the people, this country is governed by corporations interested in profit and not the good of the public. Secondly the Lib Dems came THIRD in the elections and yet are co-ruling? How is this possible?389231_162894037216845_1928723958_n

Q) Who do you think are the most oppressed people in our society and what could you do to help?
A) The young, the elderly, the poor, the disabled, those with a different skin colour, the unemployed…the list goes on. The best way to counter the oppression is to not pander to the ‘divide and conquer’ tactics of the state media and stand together as one.

Q) Who is your favourite Author, Actor, Musician, Artist & Poet?
A) Noam Chomsky, Morgan Freeman, Morrissey, Michaelangelo Merisi de Carivaggio, Shelley.

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