Craig Williams Interview May 2013

Craig Williams

What do you think are the most important questions we should be asking each other?

Do we smile enough? Do we ever challenge our own thought processes before deciding someone else is wrong?

What events, activities, projects, organisations, etc, would you like to see more of where you live?

I would like to see community based exercise groups open for people of all abilities to enjoy. I think it’s great when people don’t care what they look like but the body is an extension of the mind and I believe it is important to keep both as healthy and synchronised as possible.

What is the epitome of beauty to you?

Simple, innocent, heartfelt laughter.

What is the meaning of life to you?

To constantly TRY to grow, develop and live in accordance with the nature we see around us.

What are the most important social issues that you care about?

I’m not really active in any area but I care a lot about the way young people are raised and how the shape they come to fill could be moulded in a way to allow for better realisation of potential.

If you could control all of the media for one day what would be reported and why?

Anything that could bring a heart-warming smile to people’s faces. Too much negativity gets pushed onto people all of the time. I think if people wanted to actively look into the atrocities and tragic events that are predominantly covered by media then cool, but it would be nice to feel uplifted by world coverage, not potentially depressed or downtrodden.

What do you love most about your life?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have found myself amongst and in acquaintance with some amazing souls.

What do you feel most grateful for in your life?

Lessons learned.

What do you think is the difference between spirituality and religion?

I think spirituality is the search for an understanding, but with the understanding that you may always be searching. Religion seemingly claims to have all the answers, while basically just copying and pasting from different sources.

How do you feel about the current government and why?

Angry and sad, because it is made up of complete disillusioned morons who probably actually think they are some of the wisest people alive.

If you could go back in time is their anything you would do differently?

If possible I would have tried to learn more from a younger age instead of engaging in counter-productive activities.

In what ways do you think you are affected negatively by capitalism?

The natural desire in some people to want nice things for themselves is exploited by a competitive market that doesn’t have these interests of people at heart. It uses psychological techniques to appeal strongly to people and it is easy to get caught up in the consumerist trend while the interest in more important matters may dwindle. I am definitely affected in this way.

What do you think are the best things about being alive?

The sheer wonder of just what is going on with us, with this existence!? Seriously! AMAZING!


What are the most exciting things that you are looking forward to doing this year and why?

I’m looking forward to going to festivals with friends as it is a time to really come alive and be yourself in some of the most fantastic settings imaginable.

How do you think the education system could be improved?

Ideally I think there should be elected teachers who have displayed a good grasp of both knowledge and wisdom in their specialist area who are thriving in their own lives. Perhaps many more teachers in the teacher : pupil ratio than currently exists and with more personalised methods of teaching for different pupils.

What subjects, ideas or thinkers do you think are missing from the national curriculum?

I think children would benefit greatly by getting a good foundation in philosophy and meditation.

If you could send a letter back in time to your 16 year old self what would it say?

Use your conscience.

In order for you to achieve your dreams what habits would you need to cultivate?

Self-motivation, positivity, and unconditional love.

What inspires you the most and why?
I love to hear stories of the rise of the underdog, especially when true. They remind you of what can be achieved.

Do you have any good advice on how we can save money and survive these testing times?

If you like to drink alcohol, then make your own, seriously.


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