Past ‘Zines

All the ‘Zines are hosted at Scribd, our bookshelf is here so feel free to go and help yourself to a copy.

Apologies for adverts as Scribd is free. If you know of a free pdf hoster who doesn’t post adverts, or who’s ads promote independant/ fairtrade/ ethical businesses let us know and we’ll cheerfully swap.

There may be some views/submissions you don’t agree with contained in these pages, but remember the ‘Zine mantra: all submissions are included on a first come first served basis and printed without judgement, apology or censorship.

If you don’t like it it’s up to you to counter it, feel free to submit your thoughts or enjoy the fact that there is somebody out there who’s expression of creativity might make you feel a bit awkward. It’s not a sanitary world and we’re not all the same, which makes this planet an interesting place. However we’re pretty sure you’ll love it as much as the rest of us.




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